Result of submission of papers

Author guidelines

A) The submitted papers must present research results (completed or in progress) and be submitted to only one of the 15 Working Groups:

Each researcher may submit up too two studies based on the following situations:

The studies may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

B) The text

C) Typing and formatting: (Download Template Here)

Evaluation of papers

O The Scientific Committee is formed by the coordinators of the 15 WGs under the supervision of one member of the DNE. The Committee forms the groups of referees, establishing assessment criteria and informing authors and the Organizing Committee about the results of evaluations.
The evaluation of studies will take into consideration the following criteria:

Each WG may consider other aspects to evaluate in studies, based on relevance.
A study may be approved with modifications, when referees suggest the required changes, which will be carried out for publishing in the annals.
Annals will be made available online before SIPEM.

Submission of papers
The access for sending the works is by the link:

In order for you to submit work on the SIPEM, you need to register as an Author at the event. How to do this?
1) Go to the SIPEM conference: VII International Seminar on Research in Mathematics Education
2) Sign in
3) In the right corner, go to My Profile
4) At the bottom of the page, check the Author option (and the others, if you want)
5) Save
6) Go to User Page
7) It will be available the option in the SIPEM - Author - New Submission