Despite playing and essential role as a means do diffuse research carried out in universities to the community of Mathematics educators, it has been widely accepted now that ENEMs (National Meetings on Mathematics Education) cannot offer researchers all opportunities for a more in-depth discussion. In an event of the coverage and characteristics of ENEM, it is often impossible to hold such discussions, since the target audience is varied, holding a wide array of expectations. On the other hand, research groups organized in the numerous Brazilian IES spotted the need for a more comprehensive exchange with researchers from other countries, not only to evaluate our own scientific production from an international point of view, but also to foment partnerships with other research groups working on wider perspectives, both in Brazil and other nations. In this scenario, SIPEM becomes one of the most important event organized by SBEM, in that it affords research on Mathematics education to be more widely known.


The objective of this seminar is to promote the interchange between research groups on Mathematics Education from other countries. The idea is to diffuse research on the topic carried out in Brazil, creating opportunities for researchers to meet and get insights into the investigations carried out in several education organizations. Besides that, SIPEM is an opportunity for integrated research groups from Brazil and elsewhere, improving the research carried out in our country.

The main objective of SIPEM are: